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Our calculator pulls data directly from Zillow, giving you access to data on more than a million homes and properties across the USA. Be sure to understand what direction a neighborhood is headed before sinking tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars into a single investment.

The math for evaluating prospective rental investment properties is extremely important (although it’s not without its limitations – more on that below). A final word to the wise: regardless of how confident you are that a neighborhood is improving or appreciating, never base your property math on assumptions of future growth in rent or equity.

Your rental application will be good for any of the properties that we have listed so you do not need to worry about filling out and paying for multiple applications all over town.

Many small investors have been able to retire early with their rental income.Our goal is to match the right renter with the right property in a convenient and simple way.All you need to do is a search of our current rentals and identify the properties that you are interested in viewing.Once we start a family, we’ll need a little more space so we’ll upgrade to a bigger home.Most people would sell their old home and use the money for the down payment on the new home.

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This is a perfect opportunity to build another income stream and it was how we got started with rental properties.

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